Monday, December 8, 2008

Warriors Are All Around Us


Last week I asked the question, who is a warrior. I received wonderful comments on and off my blog site.

One comment was…a warrior is one whose courage and faith goes beyond that of the common man or woman, whose heart is tender yet strong, and whose life is lived without thought of self (thanks, JoAnn). I found these words very inspiring and they made me think of the brave people who have fought for our country.

December 7th was the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My daughter, Patrizia, happens to be in Hawaii and toured that hallowed site. Many warriors lost their lives on that day, lo those many years ago. Their courage and valor should never be forgotten. They were truly men and women who lived without thought of self, giving the ultimate sacrifice during that frightening day which changed so many lives. During those horrifying moments, I believe there were many acts of heroism without thought of self.

Pearl Harbor Day of Attack

Another comment on my blog stated…We are all warriors. We might not carry swords or guns, but we all have to be on guard ready to fight for our children (thanks, Jo). This is so very true! Children face bad influences every day in their entertainment, schools, and even their friends. Every day people must be on their guard and protect their children yet at the same time teach them to love and show compassion to even their enemies. That’s a very hard balancing act, especially in this day and age, but one so very necessary. A warrior should not only be fearless, but merciful.

Yet another comment spoke of visiting an uncle who was in the hospital. He had joked and talked with her, making her feel at ease. After she left she remembered something she needed to tell him and returned to his room unnoticed. She saw by the unguarded expression on his face that her uncle was in a great deal of pain that he’d hidden from her. She said…while I admire grand acts of valor─invaluable for inspiring courage─small amounts of unsung heroism say something magnificent about people (thanks, Kathleen). This is a great reminder that even those who seem incapable of heroic acts, do them in ways we may never see.

I’ve thought a lot about inspiring acts of courage that go unnoticed. This last week a dear friend of mine called and told me her cancer had returned. Oh how my heart aches for what she must face in the days and weeks ahead. Another friend has been waging a battle against colon cancer for over eight months. These two magnificent people are warriors fighting a horrible foe with courage and valor that cannot be measured.

People are warriors not only when it comes to catastrophic events, but also when protecting their children, or fighting a battle against a life-threatening illness.

Warriors are truly all around us.


  1. Excellent post, Kathi. You're so right. Warriors really are among our family friends, and neighbors. We just need to open our eyes and hearts and recognize them for who they really are.

  2. Thanks, Anne. And congratulations on selling your book! I'm sure it will be a huge success.

  3. Thank you for including my thoughts in your inspiring message. I'm looking foward to reading your new book.



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