Monday, June 16, 2014


In the fall 1999, my daughter, Kris, and I went to pick out a puppy. Have you ever seen teacup Yorkie puppies? They are so dog-gone cute. They look like miniature black bear cubs (the blond coloring on their face and legs comes after a couple of weeks). One of the puppies crawled up the side of the bin, trying to escape. The others sat and watched. Kris and I knew that was the dog for us. The owner painted her claws a pretty orange to show that when she was old enough, she was ours.

Lizzie joined our family in November. She was so small that she fit in the palm of my hand. And her ears . . . oh my stars, her ears were as big as her body. She stole our hearts and became a vital part of our family. (She grew into her ears, too.)

Because Lizzie pawed at her food and looked like a miniature bear, I nicknamed her Lizzie-bear. Two weeks after Lizzie arrived, my daughter, Trizia, came home from her mission. The entire family came to our house to celebrate her return and also Thanksgiving. We had a houseful, but it was wonderful. The day after Thanksgiving, we took Lizzie-bear with us downtown for the Christmas lighting of Temple Square. And then we sneaked her into a restaurant. I ordered a bacon cheese burger and gave Lizzie a small piece of bacon to keep her quiet. Bacon quickly became her favorite food. From then on, whenever she smelled bacon cooking she'd come running into kitchen begging for some.

A special bond was formed between my daughter, Trizia, and Lizzie. Many times I'd find them cuddled together at night. And if Trizia took a treat in her room without her, Lizzie'd scratch on her door, demanding she share.

When Lizzie was not even a year old, we found out she had a liver shunt and could die. The vet called in a specialist to operate because she was so small. That was a very worrisome time. Lizzie pulled through the surgery. But she had to eat a special food most of her life.

Lizzie had a dance she'd do for treats. I guess it wasn't so much a dance, as a spin. She'd whirl around barking and yipping until I'd toss it to her. And then, she'd have to attack it. But not just that, she'd toss it in the air and run after it again. I can't tell you how many doggie treats I've found under my fridge or behind the piano.

And she absolutely hated our Jazz garbage can. If she saw us take it out to dump it, she'd go on the attack. Picture it...this little Yorkie attaching a tin garbage can. I wonder what kind of nightmare she had about it. Oh, and the ladder. Every Christmas when the ladder would come in, she'd have a barking fit. We got so we'd try to occupy her somewhere else in the house. 

Lizzie had a doggie bed under my desk. She'd listen to me type on my keyboard, and I'd read her my stories. She heard them all from The Forgotten Warrior to my current work-in-progress. She would interrupt my work around 1:00 p.m. wanting a treat, but other than that, she was the ideal book critic.

One year I had a major deadline and needed to get some serious writing done, so I took her with me to my parents cabin for two weeks. Just Lizzie and me. I thought she'd be a good watch-dog. However, Lizzie was more nervous than I was. She'd growl and bark at every little noise. One day an eagle nearly swooped down and snatched her. She didn't go out alone after that. 

Lizzie-bear continued to have health challenges, but she always survived. She was such a little trooper.

However, around the beginning of May I noticed that she struggled to swallow. We tried everything we could think of, but she was losing weight and things just weren't getting better. I took her in to see the vet. He found she had a growth in her throat that was blocking the food. He did surgery to try take out what he could. The vet said during the operation he could see the growth went down to her stomach as well. He suspected it was cancer. He gave us pain meds to help her. But poor Lizzie-bear's pain was too much. I'll never forget holding her all night as she cried. I knew her time had come, she'd suffered enough.

On May 29th Lizzie passed away in my arms.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have that sweet little spirit in our home. 

I will always love and miss her. 


Monday, May 12, 2014

A Visit With Young Women

Tierra presented these flowers to me from the YW.

Last week I received an invitation from Tierra Delimont to speak with her Young Women of the Sego Lily Ward on Saturday May 10th. I'm always happy to speak with the young women so, of course, I said yes.

What a wonderful experience!

I told them a mini-history about the stripling warriors and that the values of the stripling warriors could also help the young women today as they strive to live their Personal Progress Values.

Teaching about one of my favorite stories, the stripling warriors.

It was so much fun talking with them. At the end of my lesson, I asked if they had any questions. The first question asked was, "When is the sequel to The Forgotten Warrior coming out?"

 I get that question a lot. :)

I reported that a couple of weeks ago I spoke with my editor about the sequel, and she told me we should know something in the near future.So keep your fingers crossed.
The Sego Lily Young Women and leaders. Oh, and I'm in the center.

I want to thank Tierra and the Young Women in the Sego Lily Ward for inviting me. I will always cherish our time together.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

A New Addition is Expected in My Book Family

Wow! I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted a blog. So much has been going on. I thought I'd treat this entry like a newsletter and update you.


See my pretty book family above? I just found out this week that there will be a new addition this coming November. Yeah! I always breath a sigh of relief when a book is accepted. So much hard work goes into a novel just to get it to the publisher. And after it's accepted there's what? More work. But it's all good. My new novel's tentative title is Deceived.  It may change, but then again it may stay the same. I have been very fortunate to have kept four titles which I gave my books. And the ones that were changed, I totally agreed with. That's a good publisher at work.

I'm also working on getting another novel to my publisher by this September. I'm having a ton of fun writing this book. It's a little different. And different is good, so "they" say.

And I'm also working on getting some novels ready for epublishing. I have had so many fans asking for more YA Time Travel, and guess what? I have two. I should know more about those books by fall. There's a huge learning curve for epublishing, and I want to give you the best product I possibly can.

I've also been working on a paranormal suspense series for epublishing. I'm excited about it. I wrote the main novel years ago. It was a finalist in St. Martin's Malice Domestic Contest. I will probably use a pseudonym for this series.

So that's what's been cooking on the writing burner in my office. Is it any wonder that I haven't had time to blog? I once read about a survey that asked fans if they would rather their favorite authors blog or write more books. Overwhelmingly they wanted more books. So, I've taken that to heart. I'm still going to blog, but not as often as I have in the past. 


I just watched two of my adult children head off to Comic Con and wished I could tag along. So many amazing celebrities are scheduled to be there, but I have work that needs to get done, and  if I don't do it nothing happens. I wish my characters could write their own stories, but they just refuse to do anything without me. Hubby has gone bowling, so right now the house is quiet.

Don't you just love a quiet house?

Even Lizzie is asleep.

Poor little Lizzie. She will be fifteen this fall. She struggles now because she's pretty much blind and is hard of hearing. Here she is all snuggled up in her dog cave.

Next week (April 25-26) I'll be at the LDStorymakers Conference. It's always fun to see old friends and make new ones. I'll be there Friday and part of Saturday. They have awesome speakers scheduled. If you're attending and see me, I'd love for you to come say hi. This has happened in the past, and I'm always so very grateful. 

Easter is this weekend. I love this time of year for it makes me reflect on the blessings in my life. One of those blessings are the people who visit my blog. Thank you.

And thanks to my readers who support me by reading and buying my novels. You're amazing and you'll never know how very much I appreciate you.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ashamed and Very Sorry!

I'm ashamed and so very sorry. 

Let me explain what happened. 

Last week I had a bone grafting procedure to two different sections of my jaw. So last week was a blur, but I do remember receiving an email from a librarian who emailed me for one of her patrons who wanted to know when the sequel to The Forgotten Warrior would be released. 

I was on a great deal of pain meds, but I thought I had starred the email so I could answer it this week when I could think clearly. (I always, always, always star email from my readers.)

Well . . . I can't find the librarian's email.

I've looked in the trash file . . . nope.

I've looked in the spam file . . . nope.

I guess I could use the excuse that the dog ate it, but I don't think anyone would believe that. Nope, I don't even believe that one.

What I think happened was, in my hazy-minded state I must have click delete instead of star. And because it's been over a week the email is now lost forever.

I'm soooooo ashamed and even more sorry.

Here's the answer I planned to send her. The sequel has been written. My publisher has it. Please hang in there. I haven't given up hope on my publisher, but just in case, I'm also working on a way to offer the book to my readers. 

Thank you so much for your patience. I promise you, once you read the sequel you will not be disappointed.

All my best  . . .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What to do with Old Greeting Cards?

Between snowstorms, being sick, and working on a book deadline, I’m afraid I have neglected my blog, which is unforgivable. But during that time I also cleaned out my office. What fun! (Not really, but it needed to be done.) In the process, I found a sack of old greeting cards Hubby and I have received over the years.

  I’ve been filling the sack for quite some time. I finally decided I needed to either throw out the cards or organize them in some way. I decided to organize them. 

As I went through the piles and piles of cards, I found some from my parents. They passed away several years ago, so finding those cards took me back to happier times. I loved seeing my parents’ handwriting. I miss them terribly. 

I also found cards from my children and grandchildren, cards from cherished friends, and even a couple of cards I had made for my mother when I was a child. 
They must have come back to me after Mom and Dad died. I had completely forgotten about them. I’m so glad I didn’t throw the sack of greeting cards away. These cards are reminders of a past filled with love. 
Now my cards have a new home. The sack is gone, but the cards now reside in pretty boxes. 

 Anytime I’m feeling blue all I have to do is open a box and feel the love. 

So I’m curious, what do you do with cards you receive? Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t seem to part with them.



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