Thursday, April 17, 2014

A New Addition is Expected in My Book Family

Wow! I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted a blog. So much has been going on. I thought I'd treat this entry like a newsletter and update you.


See my pretty book family above? I just found out this week that there will be a new addition this coming November. Yeah! I always breath a sigh of relief when a book is accepted. So much hard work goes into a novel just to get it to the publisher. And after it's accepted there's what? More work. But it's all good. My new novel's tentative title is Deceived.  It may change, but then again it may stay the same. I have been very fortunate to have kept four titles which I gave my books. And the ones that were changed, I totally agreed with. That's a good publisher at work.

I'm also working on getting another novel to my publisher by this September. I'm having a ton of fun writing this book. It's a little different. And different is good, so "they" say.

And I'm also working on getting some novels ready for epublishing. I have had so many fans asking for more YA Time Travel, and guess what? I have two. I should know more about those books by fall. There's a huge learning curve for epublishing, and I want to give you the best product I possibly can.

I've also been working on a paranormal suspense series for epublishing. I'm excited about it. I wrote the main novel years ago. It was a finalist in St. Martin's Malice Domestic Contest. I will probably use a pseudonym for this series.

So that's what's been cooking on the writing burner in my office. Is it any wonder that I haven't had time to blog? I once read about a survey that asked fans if they would rather their favorite authors blog or write more books. Overwhelmingly they wanted more books. So, I've taken that to heart. I'm still going to blog, but not as often as I have in the past. 


I just watched two of my adult children head off to Comic Con and wished I could tag along. So many amazing celebrities are scheduled to be there, but I have work that needs to get done, and  if I don't do it nothing happens. I wish my characters could write their own stories, but they just refuse to do anything without me. Hubby has gone bowling, so right now the house is quiet.

Don't you just love a quiet house?

Even Lizzie is asleep.

Poor little Lizzie. She will be fifteen this fall. She struggles now because she's pretty much blind and is hard of hearing. Here she is all snuggled up in her dog cave.

Next week (April 25-26) I'll be at the LDStorymakers Conference. It's always fun to see old friends and make new ones. I'll be there Friday and part of Saturday. They have awesome speakers scheduled. If you're attending and see me, I'd love for you to come say hi. This has happened in the past, and I'm always so very grateful. 

Easter is this weekend. I love this time of year for it makes me reflect on the blessings in my life. One of those blessings are the people who visit my blog. Thank you.

And thanks to my readers who support me by reading and buying my novels. You're amazing and you'll never know how very much I appreciate you.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ashamed and Very Sorry!

I'm ashamed and so very sorry. 

Let me explain what happened. 

Last week I had a bone grafting procedure to two different sections of my jaw. So last week was a blur, but I do remember receiving an email from a librarian who emailed me for one of her patrons who wanted to know when the sequel to The Forgotten Warrior would be released. 

I was on a great deal of pain meds, but I thought I had starred the email so I could answer it this week when I could think clearly. (I always, always, always star email from my readers.)

Well . . . I can't find the librarian's email.

I've looked in the trash file . . . nope.

I've looked in the spam file . . . nope.

I guess I could use the excuse that the dog ate it, but I don't think anyone would believe that. Nope, I don't even believe that one.

What I think happened was, in my hazy-minded state I must have click delete instead of star. And because it's been over a week the email is now lost forever.

I'm soooooo ashamed and even more sorry.

Here's the answer I planned to send her. The sequel has been written. My publisher has it. Please hang in there. I haven't given up hope on my publisher, but just in case, I'm also working on a way to offer the book to my readers. 

Thank you so much for your patience. I promise you, once you read the sequel you will not be disappointed.

All my best  . . .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What to do with Old Greeting Cards?

Between snowstorms, being sick, and working on a book deadline, I’m afraid I have neglected my blog, which is unforgivable. But during that time I also cleaned out my office. What fun! (Not really, but it needed to be done.) In the process, I found a sack of old greeting cards Hubby and I have received over the years.

  I’ve been filling the sack for quite some time. I finally decided I needed to either throw out the cards or organize them in some way. I decided to organize them. 

As I went through the piles and piles of cards, I found some from my parents. They passed away several years ago, so finding those cards took me back to happier times. I loved seeing my parents’ handwriting. I miss them terribly. 

I also found cards from my children and grandchildren, cards from cherished friends, and even a couple of cards I had made for my mother when I was a child. 
They must have come back to me after Mom and Dad died. I had completely forgotten about them. I’m so glad I didn’t throw the sack of greeting cards away. These cards are reminders of a past filled with love. 
Now my cards have a new home. The sack is gone, but the cards now reside in pretty boxes. 

 Anytime I’m feeling blue all I have to do is open a box and feel the love. 

So I’m curious, what do you do with cards you receive? Please tell me I’m not the only one who can’t seem to part with them.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Simple Things by Lori Nawyn - Book Review

I usually write reviews for fictional novels, however, every once in a while I do enjoy good nonfiction, especially nonfiction that inspires and uplifts me. 

And so it is with Lori Nawyn’s new book, Simple Things

She sent me an ecopy of her book last October. Simple Things gives inspiring thoughts and ideas to take you through the year. Each month is set up with a theme and ideas to help you become more aware of the person you want to become socially and spiritually. Each day there is either a quote or a poem or a story that inspires you to reach your full potential. Plus, at the end of each month there are fun recipes. 

In the middle of reading this book a member of my family went through a crisis. I soon found myself at Primary Children’s Hospital holding a premature baby girl who had been diagnosed with two holes in her heart. As I rocked this little one not knowing if she would live or die my thoughts would return to some of the inspiring quotes and messages in this book. It helped a great deal. (The baby girl had open heart surgery and came through it amazingly well.) 

This book spoke to me in so many ways. I’d find myself looking for a pencil and paper so I could jot down something that I wanted to remember. You might find them interesting as well:
  • Spend as much time on your inner-self as you do your appearance. 
  • Write a “Mindful of Me” (MOM) journal in which you record moments when God demonstrates love for you. 
  • Develop situational awareness. Learn to recognize, comprehend, predict the outcome, and act. 
  • Know the best gifts: faith, hope, charity, teaching, healing, or being healed, knowledge, testimony, listening, forgiving, caring, calm, restorative communication, insightfulness, art of listening, loyalty. 
  •  Prayer: pray for knowledge of how to cope with your troubles and to know how to efficiently think through the steps you need to take, pray to know the questions you should ask in order to find the answers you’re seeking, pray for peace of mind to accept the answers. Pray--if it be Thy will. 
  • The more we apply our thoughts to any correct purpose, the quicker we benefit from an increase of knowledge and truth. 
  • God views perfection differently than we do. 
  • If you don’t find yourself, you’ll always wonder who you are. 
  • Know the price you’re willing to pay for your dreams. 
  • Make a spiritual basket list: attend temple more, work on family history, read writings of General Authorities, memorize scripture.
  • Create a friend book: keep track of important friend facts (favorite food, color, perfume, flowers, books, music, & etc.), list important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, dates of loss, etc), buy a selection of cards (birthday, get well, thinking of you, and sympathy) and put them in the book, and designate time for phone calls to check on those you don’t see often. 
  • Give the benefit of a doubt as a gift. 
  • If we cower in fear of what might happen, if we never attempt anything of significance, at the end of our existence, we will have failed. 
  •  Memories of past failures holds us back from being all we are destined to become. 
  • Thoughts power our behavior and ultimately our circumstances. 
  •  Modesty is more than what we wear. Modesty is purity in thought and action. 
  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle. 
  • Focus on three things that matter: something that matters to God, something that matters to you, something that matters to human kind.   

And those are just a few. I am so grateful that Lori asked me to review her book. It was an amazing journey at a time when I really needed it. 

The hard copy of her book is now in stores (Deseret Book and Seagull Book). You can also buy it on Amazon. I’m going to buy several to give to friends and family. I think if you read it you will as well. This a great book to start the new year with. So don’t wait.

 Lori has a Simple Things website. She not only wrote this book, but is the author of several and she is an amazing artist. She has free printables on her website.

Was there something in the list of simple things I found interesting in the book that spoke to you?


Saturday, December 21, 2013

5 Things I Love about Christmas

There are so many things I love about Christmas, but I'll try to keep it to the top five.

5) I love going to the movies at Christmas time. And this year there are so many wonderful films to choose from. Last night I saw Saving Mr. Banks. What a wonderful movie! I remembered going to see Mary Poppins when I was a child. For years we sang the songs that became famous from the film. Saving Mr. Banks gives you a behind the scene look at the author of the beloved Mary Poppins books, P. L. Travers, and how Walt Disney tried for 20 years to get her to let him make the book into a movie. Though this is not a truly historical account, I'm sure the flavor of what happened has been captured. I loved getting a peak at how the Sherman brothers came up with some of the cherished tunes we have all become familiar. This movie brought tears to my eyes, which doesn't happen that often.  Children wouldn't care for it because it deals with issues adults struggle with like memories of things that have happened in our past that have shaped us into who we are. 

But a wonderful kid movie that is out right now is . . . 
Frozen. What a magical movie. This new Disney animation is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen. I'm so glad to see Disney doing what they do best. This is a story about two princesses. Elsa possesses cryokinetic powers, and one night as she and her little sister, Anna, were playing she injures Anna. Her parents seek the help of the troll people, who heal Anna and in so doing remove her memories of her sister's powers. To protect both sisters, the king and queen separate the girls. The king and queen die at sea during a storm and three years later the people of Arendelle prepare to coronate Elsa as their queen, but, of course, things go wrong . . . If you get the chance, go see this great animated film that is bound to become a classic.

4) I love putting up Christmas decorations. It isn't always easy, but I love the finished product. The house is filled with warm glowing Christmas lights, garland, nutcrackers, Nativities, and all things Christmas.

3) I love Christmas carols. Some of my favorite CDs are: The Carpenters' Christmas, Michael Buble's Christmas, Bing Crosby's Christmas Songs, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Country Christmas, and my favorite . . . Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song. But I love so many more that I couldn't possibly list them all here.

2) I love making Christmas cookies.
Here's my grandson helping me with the gingerbread men. It's so much fun and the house smells fantastic. I make all sorts of cookies that have become a tradition in my family: Magic Bar cookies, Almond Crescents, and German Shortbread to name a few.

 And the number 1 thing I love about Christmas . . . well it's actually two--being together with family and remembering our Savior's birth. 

 My grandson made this cute paper manger with the baby Jesus inside.

Here's the family enjoying the lights on Temple Square. The night we went my son, Ben, was unable to be with us, but come Christmas Eve we will all be together reading the Christmas story.

I'm sure you have things that you love about Christmas. I've love to hear about your traditions and how you celebrate this time of year.

I'm going to take a couple of weeks off for the holidays. But come the first week in January I'll have a review of a new book that will be out by then. It's a keeper.



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